Learn About Price Per Head (PPH)

A Price Per Head service is a sportsbook software solutions platform that anyone looking to start an online sportsbook would use. The right PPH service will run your business for you while you find more players and build your brand. You will instantly have an online presence when you sign up with a PPH. Using your specifics, such as logos and colors, you will have a world-class sportsbook website.

Learn More About Price Per Head

The right Price Per Head, also Pay Per Head, service is guaranteed to make you money. Experts say that half of all North Americans have wagered on sports at some point. The industry has a worth of over $200 billion just in the United States. Get your share of that sports market with PPH solution and start earning some extra cash. Spend your time building your business while your price per head provider does the dirty work.

If you want to be a successful bookmaker, you need to keep up with the big boys. You need to offer the betting variety found on large sportsbooks betting menus. When you begin a service agreement with Ace Price Per Head, you will instantly have the online presence of the bigger books. You’ll be offering all the popular spread, total and moneyline odds, as well as props, live betting and much more.